Czech company with registration for crypto – activities

Czech company with registration for crypto – activities

We offer a ready – made company registered in the Czech Republic with trade license including activities connected with virtual assets and crypto – currency. 

Date of registration: September, 2022

Company legal form: Ltd. (s.r.o.)

Paid in capital: 20 000 CZK (can be increased)

Responsible authority for AML: available on request

VAT registration: not VAT registered

Financial authority registration: yes

Previous activities: no activities yet

Bank account: yes, Czech bank.

The activities and services that company can provide: 

  • purchase, sale and Exchange of virtual assets (crypto currencies)
  • depositing and storage of virtual assets (crypto currencies), crypto asset management
  • transfer or intermediating in the process of purchase or sale of virtual assets (crypto currencies)
  • providing the loan of virtual assets (which is not equal to standard fiat consumer loans)
  • other services connected with purchase or sale of virtual assets (crypto currencies).

The price includes: 

  1. Transfer of the shares to a new beneficiary (the process takes 1-2 weeks)
  2. Registration in the Financial Authority (after the transfer of shares is completed)
  3. Transfer of the bank account to the new beneficiary
  4. Customization of the business model according to the business plan of the new beneficiary
  5. AML procedures for particular activities

We can offer you extra services: 

  1. Finding a candidate for the position of director and AML officer 
  2. Smart software for operations connected with crypto currencies and connection to IBAN providers and payment gateways
  3. Accounting services 
  4. Office for the purpose of your activities in the Czech Republic
  5. Internal courses of risks and AML for your employees
  6. Regular administrative support in the Czech Republic

Price: on request


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